Content Delivery, Simplified

Manage and offer your digital, brand, training, print or kitted assets across multiple locations or franchises both locally and globally, all from a single platform.


We help you deliver success through:

  • Consistent marketing collateral in both look and messaging across all locations and franchises
  • Consistent training of employees and franchise owners brand-wide in multiple locations
  • Simplifying the management of communications and mailings between, and for, all locations
  • Maintaining control of your overall brand throughout all employees, locations, and franchises

Your business will offer a single website for all corporate training materials and marketing templates to all of your employees.

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Single Integrated Marketplace

  • Simplify the buying experience for your corporate and franchised locations with easy, on-demand online ordering of all ecommerce promotional products
  • Manage communications, Local Store Marketing, new openings, limited time offerings, mailings, and analytics with integrated loyalty programs within your marketplace

With ViaTech’s platform, businesses are now able to manage their most critical digital, brand, training, print or kitted assets across multiple locations or franchises both locally and globally all from a single dashboard.

Your business will offer a single website for all corporate training materials and marketing templates to all of your employees.

You're In Good Company

Hundreds of top hospitality organizations around the globe partner with and trust ViaTech everyday with their most valuable information.

The ViaONE Platform


ViaTech’s Storefront uses a single-entry point for all users which replaces multiple websites and ecommerce systems. One simplified set of credentials are created for each user to allow them access to the unified storefront, reducing overall costs and making the distribution process easier for everyone.

Asset Repository

All of your enterprise content will be kept secure in our cloud-based Digital Asset Repository (DAR). The benefits of the ViaTech DAR include:

  • Scalable – accounting for your organization’s current and future needs
  • Cloud-based – ensuring instant and easy access anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Security - Highly secure, redundant and encrypted
  • Version Control - Instant updates ensure older versions are removed

Dynamic Templating

ViaTech’s dynamic templating adds flexibility and ease of accessibility for employees and clients in the field. It does not require an on-site server which allows secure access anytime and anywhere. While those in the field have increased access, you will still have control over the quality of the final content with automatic:

  • Local Store Marketing
  • Brand messaging controls
  • Real-time grammar check and proofing
  • Ability to translate content into 20+ languages

Our dynamic templating will save your organization both time and money with automation, controlling brand messaging, and world-wide accessibility to the pre-approved templates.

Inventory Distribution

At ViaTech, we make inventory management, warehousing, and distribution easy for you.

We work with you to handle the logistics, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Our reporting tools manage and track your inventory with quick and simple view of counts and activity. 

Once a product is ordered, our state-of-the-art distribution system will make sure it gets where it’s going on time with real-time tracking that shows you where it is from warehouse to delivery.

Kitting and Fulfillment

Our kitting and fulfillment system can handle a complete range of needs including:

  • Complex LTO (Limited Time Offer) campaign pushes
  • One-time campaigns
  • Field orders
  • National orders
  • Local orders
  • Customized orders
  • Accurate, quality delivery on time

Market Activity Analytics

Discover and understand your local marketing with ViaTech’s activity reporting available online or on-demand. 

Hundreds of available pre-formatted reports give you a clear window into a specific market of product sales, user activity, inventory, and budgeting. Our activity reports give you the knowledge you need to streamline processes, adjust budgets, and make improvements.

Local Store Marketing

Manage all your digital assets easily with our Brand Manager. ViaTech’s brand management system gives you ease of access to all the latest branded enterprise marketing content for both workflow and version control while still allowing field workers and franchisees the freedom to order and customize the branded marketing materials they need locally. This encourages powerful local marketing campaigns, collaboration and simplified project management with:

  • Email and direct mail campaigns
  • Point Of Sale and Point of Purchase campaign integration
  • Design capabilities
  • Local digital presence management
  • Marketing initiatives for local markets
  • Branded materials and merchandise

Print Management

Our print management system helps brands with multiple, global locations to track spending and activity at each location. The automated bid process helps to lower costs for both our franchisees and our clients. Print management reduces waste and redundant purchasing and creates the option of billing local markets directly. Our print management services can accommodate a number of services including:

  • Commercial Print
  • Print on Demand
  • Multiple Languages
  • Large Format

Digital Access to Communications via Active Reader®

Active Reader® is a device-agnostic enterprise application that allows companies specializing in all aspects of hospitality to give their members secure digital access to any document on any mobile device as well as the ability to add personal annotations and notes within those documents.

Use Cases for Active Reader® in Hospitality:

  • Training, development, learning
  • Performance management, measurement, reviews
  • Operations – job aids, safety inspections, audits, franchise reviews
  • Marketing – POP/POS pre-call sales training, placement guide, in-store new product release surveys/analytics
  • District Managers (QA Standards, Checklists, Compliance)
  • Operations (Front desk Logbook, Customer Service, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Maintenance)
  • Sales Training (Loyalty programs, Local Store Marketing)
  • Corporate Communications to GM’s, District Managers, Field Trainers, and Directors of Sales

Personalization ViaNote

There is nothing like a personalized note to a guest, platinum member, or frequent customer. Imagine your franchisees and managers having the ability to send personalized hand-written notes to their best customers, without ever writing a note.  ViaNote automates hand-written content without sacrificing the human element. 

Creating real pen-written notes indistinguishable from human handwriting, ViaNote offers customizable options in handwriting style and ink color. Messages are digitally prewritten and proofed, guaranteeing their accuracy, speed, and brand compliance. In addition to eliminating typos and grammatical errors, this intuitive software improves speed-to-market, creates a clear, concise accountability trail, and ensures correct delivery at all times. Personalization is the key to excellence in customer service and ViaNote delivers.

ViaTech Ecosystem

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Turnkey Support Customized to Your Business Needs

Your ViaTech solution is custom created and managed by experienced IT professionals who understand Hospitality.  We take the time to get to know your business, challenges, and goals to ultimately develop a unique solution that addresses all your needs. Working as your partner, we can help you create a truly blended member experience that leverages your existing infrastructure investments.

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Your Information’s Security is A Top Priority

ViaTech protects your data through multiple layers of monitored systems and digital security. Our production facilities and digital tools are safeguarded to protect sensitive data like internal training protocols and billing information. In fact, the entire ecosystem has redundant layers of protection and security to guarantee that you can rest easy.

About ViaTech

Ensure Delivery of the Right Content to the Right People - on Time - Every Time!

ViaTech helps companies store, distribute and analyze their most important content, their branded marketing content. Creating and printing branded marketing materials across multiple locations or even one large corporate location, can lead to wasted time, wasted materials and, worst of all, brand confusion. Through ViaTech’s technology, you can secure your brand, reduce costs and waste while giving employees and franchisees the freedom to create their own powerful local marketing campaigns.

At ViaTech we currently support:

1 Million+ Users
14 Languages
160 Countries

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Benefits of ViaTech

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Integrate into anything

One technology hub that can integrate into anything

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Protected Assets

One repository for protected assets and version control

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Manufacture – Outsource – or Integrate with existing vendors

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Global Solution

A true global solution

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Full Output

Full blended output solution – print, digital, mobile

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Outstanding concierge level customer service

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Savings Across The Market

We Know How to Drive Your Success

Our customers see the following average savings:


Savings on print costs


Savings on migrating to digital content and distribution


Reduction in obsolescence of content

*Based Upon ViaTech B-to-B Customer Findings

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Hilton Hotels

The Hilton ViaTech storefront platform streamlines processes and provides 24/7 support to corporate trainers at 4,000 hotels globally. Additionally, the solution has reduced the client’s shipping costs by $150,000 during the first year, and has reduced print spend by $200,000 annually. According to one Hilton representative, “ViaTech quickly implemented an enterprise solution that allowed all of our hotels access to content on demand and streamlined our new hotel opening kit process, which saved us over $500,000 year. We have added marketing materials to the menu of solutions we’re providing, and by adopting an enterprise approach to building out a single storefront infrastructure, we are seeing excellent overall benefits.”

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YUM! Brands

A robust ViaTech ecommerce and supply chain management solution was custom designed for Yum! Brands®’ internal ordering and fulfillment processes, satisfying their internal team, franchisees, and dozens of vendors. To put it numerically, in addition to consolidated, streamlined processes and pleased vendors, Yum saw a 34% average savings across all brands. As large as this solution is, it’s completely scalable and serves as a model for many other clients who seek to optimize the way they handle internal ordering, fulfillment, and communications. No matter how many locations an organization has around the globe, we are dedicated to solving problems with insight and innovation.

See What Others Are Saying

As a client with a big hurdle in front of us, ViaTech proved to be a great partner. We gave them a very short amount of time to implement a full print/fulfillment program and their team delivered. It was a task that others would say they could do, but I am sure they would not have produced the quality work that the ViaTech team did. They are innovative and bring new ideas on how to save you money. I would recommend them to any company looking to improve their work flow and savings.

- DKB YUM! Brands

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